14 10 / 2012

Today TechCrunch writes about a leaked document that may be AT&T’s action plan for combatting piracy.   Or rather they reworded that article from TorrentFreak which is standard operating procedure for most AOL properties, also known as The AOL Way.

On this same day Wired reveals a stunning celebrity opinion on SSD drives, that they’re both faster and quieter, and that developers prefer them for those reasons in the sensationally titled Linus Torvalds Compares Hard Disks to Satan

Business Insider informs us that Amazon and Apple don’t need any help beating Google.  Actually Reuters informs us, BI republished their article the other day and are now presenting their rewording, a masterpiece of SEO:  3 visible links to articles on their site, and 5 carefully hidden links to inflate their search engine rankings for company names.

Mashable presents us with an infographic on the evolution of Windows finding four weak excuses to link to their SEO spam pages before presenting what must be the billionth infographic designed to convert some sensationally-skewed dataset into backlinks.

It must be quite embarrassing to have grown up dreaming to become a journalist and a bitter victory if you ended up in tech.  What will inspire another generation to share that dream?

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